Our Elders

The Elders of Williamsburg Community Chapel provide strategic direction and spiritual oversight to the ministries of the Chapel. We are so grateful for each of our elders and their commitment to serve our church and community.

For more information, please click on the buttons below to access our Constitution and Governance Documents.

Constitution Governance Documents

An Elder Advisory Council is currently being formed with the goal of providing the Elders with ready access to a fuller range of congregational perspectives than the current makeup of our elder team provides. To learn more about the Elder Advisory Council or to volunteer, please visit the Elder Advisory Council page.

Our elder nomination process runs throughout the year. According to the Chapel Constitution, elders must be Chapel members who embody the attributes listed in Scripture. Please send your elder nominations to .


Back row, left to right:
Gary Bruce:
Chairman, Administrative Committee; 
Schultz: Administrative Committee; 
Kevin Morgan: Ministry Committee;
Chris Dunnavant: Governance Committee; 
Paul Roa: Ministry Committee;

Front row, left to right:
Graham Henshaw: Governance Committee; 
Travis Simone: Executive Committee; 
Mike Lanning: Administrative Committee; 
Mike Morse: 
Governance Committee; 
Ron Fisher: Ministry Committee;