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Meet Leah Walter, Chapel Short-Term Missionary to Granada, Spain

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The Chapel’s Short-Term Missionary program gives spiritual and financial support to recent college graduates who want to serve a global or US ministry for up to two years.

Missions Pastor Wes White said, “It’s our goal to get young people on mission. We believe that God will work through them and provide experiences that will shape their lives, whether or not they decide to pursue a career in full-time ministry.”

Leah Walter is one of the Chapel’s Short-Term Missionaries. She served for 9 months in Granada, Spain after graduating from the University of Virginia in 2017. During the Global Missions Evening on June 8, we asked Leah to share her experiences:

Leah’s Experiences on Mission in Granada, Spain

“I went to UVA and was part of a fellowship that offered spring break trips. I’m still not sure why I chose to take a trip to Granada, Spain. [Laughs] I don’t know Spanish! But, while I was there, the Lord showed up in major ways. He taught me about Missions work and exposed me to the lostness of Spain.

During that trip, the Lord also planted a strong desire in my heart to return. That’s what led me back after graduation to work with a Christian organization for university students called Raíces.

Many people associate Spain with Catholicism and I did meet some believers. But I also met a lot of people who said, ‘Of course I’m Catholic, but that doesn’t mean I believe in God.’

Growing up, I would hear about different mission trips and people would always describe the number of people who came to know the Lord. At my church in Spain, there were only 12 people. I learned that missions work takes a long time, and you can’t just focus on numbers.

People move through phases of belief from complete distrust, to trust, to curiosity, to wanting to know more, to putting their faith in Jesus. The whole process might take years. I learned that helping people move from one threshold to the next might be what God is calling us to do.

While I was there, I met up regularly with a friend named Carmen who was a native of Spain. She said that she grew up in a school run by nuns, and this influenced her thoughts about God. She was apathetic toward faith because she felt like she’d tried everything she could to get closer to God. I was able to relate and share that the Gospel is about the love God has for us, not about what we can do for God. I could tell that God was working through that conversation.

It may seem ironic, but I also learned to trust God more deeply while I was in Spain. I had some medical issues while I was there. Because I didn’t know Spanish, I had to invite the other team members to help me. I shared more than I ever thought I would have to share. Coming to realize how much I depended on them, the Lord showed me how much more I should depend on Him. The language barrier taught me to surrender my beliefs about what I could do or understand on my own.

I also experienced God’s grace and discovered how His mercies are made new every day. The need is so great, and the Lord promises to support us in our weaknesses. I would tell anyone that if you’re thinking about taking a missions trip, trust God and go do it. He will make it possible.”

Check back soon for an update from Courtney Whitehead, one of our mission partners serving in Southeast Asia! To learn more about our Short-Term Missions program, email Wes White, Missions Pastor, .


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