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Chapel Family Update: February 10, 2019

Posted by Travis Simone on

Dear Chapel Family,

This past Sunday evening, we gathered once again for our quarterly Chapel Family Update. While the entire meeting, as well as videos of each report, can be found at the bottom of this email, for a brief summary of the meeting and a special invitation, please watch the following video:

If you would like to look in on the progress of our Next 40 Initiatives, please visit the Next 40 Blog.

Next 40 Blog

To learn more about our Nature of the Chapel forums, or to register for the events, please click the button below.

Nature of the Chapel

As I mentioned in the recap video, I want to invite everyone who considers the Chapel their church home to participate in these forums. We will look at the core non-negotiable tenants of our faith and learn how to productively discuss biblical topics that fall outside of these core beliefs, what the Apostle Paul calls in Romans 14:1, “disputable matters.”

The Chapel’s Constitution states, “The Williamsburg Community Chapel is constituted as an interdenominational church wherein all those who love Jesus Christ and desire to serve Him may join in one common effort. The Statement of Faith to which this church adheres finds its expression in all of the great historic confessions of the true church of Jesus Christ. Those other elements which have caused confusion and division in the past within the Church of Jesus Christ shall not be permitted to destroy the unity of this body. Accordingly, we urge that attitudes of Christian love and tolerance be expressed toward those within the Body of Christ holding different points of view."
Our prayer is that these forums will help us learn how to celebrate the unity to which Jesus call us amidst the diversity found in an interdenominational family of faith.

See you Sunday,
Travis Simone, Lead Pastor

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