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To help the Chapel family connect with the work of the elders, we want to provide an update on our team, share information on the upcoming elder nominating process, and invite everyone to the next Chapel Family Update.

Update on our Team

On September 24, the elders accepted Paul Roa’s resignation from our Elder Team. Paul always sought to make sure our team was relationally well-connected, and we would like to thank Paul for his service to our family of faith. In keeping with the Chapel’s Constitution, the Elders will be appointing a member of our church to replace Paul and finish out the duration of Paul’s term, which ends on April 30, 2020. We are working diligently to make that appointment and will communicate that decision using our regular channels as soon as the information is available.

Information on the Upcoming Elder Nominating Process

Each year, the Chapel family nominates members from our church body to serve on our Elder Team. Nominations are received by a Nominating Committee, selected annually by the elders (link to Constitution). In an effort to improve our elder nominating process, this year’s Nominating Committee will be comprised of staff, deacons, and lay leaders who represent our various ministry areas. Our goal is to have a committee that represents a broad range of congregational perspectives. More information on this year’s process is available on the Elder Nominations page.

Elder Nominations

Invitation to the next Chapel Family Update

The elders would like to invite the entire Chapel family to our next Chapel Family Update on Sunday, November 17 at 6:30 p.m. We will dedicate this meeting to reviewing our elder nominating process, answering questions, and valuing each others’ feedback. Feedback can always be provided by clicking the button below.

Submit your Feedback

There is great work that Jesus is doing in our midst. We ask for your prayers so that we may oversee that work with wisdom from the Lord and love for the family of faith Jesus has assembled at the Williamsburg Community Chapel.

Gary Bruce on behalf of the WCC Elders

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