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Romans 9-11: A Panel Discussion

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Of all Paul's letters, the epistle to the Romans stands as one of his most thorough writings on Christian theology.

Of its 16 chapters, none are more intriguing than Romans 9-11.

If you read through these chapters, you may begin to ask some of the following questions: What is election? Who is Israel? Why is Paul so concerned with Israel? Does Israel still have a place in God's plan of redemption? Where do we, as Gentiles, fit into this plan presently and in the future?

For almost 2,000 years, scholars have debated over the answers to these questions. While we will never know all of the answers with complete certainty until we get to Heaven, a panel of Chapel staff members attempted to answer some of these questions this past Sunday evening (August 28th). If you take some time to watch the following video, you will see part one of our panel discussion, which was moderated by Clarke Morledge. This video represents our best efforts to present differing theological positions and interpretations with clarity and humility.

Enjoy the videos, and if you have any questions about the panel or some of the issues raised by Romans 9-11, please contact Hunter Ruch, Connect Team Leader, at .

Part 1 (8/28):
by Clarke Morledge (0:00-25:28)
Question #1: Why is Paul so burdened about his fellow Israelites? (25:29-31:07)
Question #2: Why would a knowledge of the Old Testament help us to understand what Paul is trying to say in Romans 9-11? (31:08-37:43)
Question #3: What is "election?" (37:44-1:02:18)
Question #4: Does God have a plan for ethnic Israel? (1:02:19-1:18:24)
Question #5: Final panelist questions (1:18:25-1:22:00)
Question #6: Who is "all Israel?" (1:22:01-1:24:58)
Wrap Up & Prayer by Clarke Morledge (1:24:59-1:27:20)

Part 2 (9/4):
Introduction, Review & Definition of Terms
by Clarke Morledge (0:00-23:11)
Question #1: Election and Salvation? Why do I need to understand the theory of election? (23:12-34:11)
Question #2: Clarify the use of "Hebrew," "Israelites," and "Jews." (34:12-42:26)
Question #3: The Land of Israel? (42:27-1:00:45)
Question #4: One or Two Paths to God(1:00:46-1:02:44)
Question #5: The Danger of Neglecting Ethnic Israel? (1:02:45-1:08:49)
Question #6: Obsession vs. Negative Views of Israel? (1:08:49-1:18:57)
Conclusion by Travis Simone (1:18:58-1:37:44)

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