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Prayer Must Be Central

Posted by Doug Bunn on

Tuesday morning, as I was walking, there was a man about 30 yards ahead of me. I tried to pick up my pace, but he was faster than me. He was also on the other side of the street. He crossed the street on the way to his destination and I waved as he crossed. I was a little surprised when he stopped walking and let me catch up. I got a chance to tell him that I was walking and praying, and I asked if he had anything that he wanted me to pray for. He told me that he had been struggling badly with addiction. I told him that I was caught in terrible cycles in the past also and that Jesus forgave me and set me free. After listening to him tell me more of his story, I ask if he wanted to pray for forgiveness and to ask Jesus to walk with him through his struggles. He said yes, so we prayed. We agreed that we both need to let Jesus lead. He gave me his number and we now have plans to meet again. I am praying for the opportunity to disciple my new friend. He seems very interested in learning more about how Jesus set me free from my old deadly habits.

Each of the church plant’s small groups ends with a prayer asking that God would bring people into our lives who are ready to hear the good news. People keep reminding me how central prayer must be.

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