Elder Advisory Council

The Elder Advisory Council provides the elders with ready access to a fuller range of congregational perspectives than the current makeup of our elder team provides. The council is comprised of Chapel members that span these attributes of the congregation: gender, age, race/ethnicity, profession, marital status, economic status, and spiritual maturity.

The council’s work includes participation in elder meetings by rotating members, ad-hoc elder committee support, and representation at Quarterly Issues Meetings designed to gather congregational perspectives on issues surfaced by the elder board. The council has a three-year sunset clause pending the elders’ evaluation of its effectiveness and future necessity.

The members of the Elder Advisory Council from left to right:

  • Carol Sale
  • Keith Perkins
  • Cris Wineinger
  • Jeff Ammons
  • Gerri Polk
  • Alex Heacock
  • Tia Martin
  • Bob Hipple

Elder Advisory Council Feedback

If you have something you would like the Elder Advisory Council to discuss you may submit it below. The Council will discuss it at their next monthly meeting and will reach out to you.

Elder Advisory Committee