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Current Message Series



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Sermon Schedule and Resources

4/19: Repentance (Psalm 120)
Video: Lessons for the Long Haul – Gloria Aiken
Resource: Small Group Questions
4/26: Providence (Psalm 121)
Video: Lessons for the Long Haul – Sylvia Spence
Resource: Small Group Questions

5/3: Worship (Psalm 122)
Video: Lessons for the Long Haul – Ron Fisher
Resource: Small Group Questions
5/10: Joy (Psalm 126)
Video: Lessons for the Long Haul – Student Ministries’ Edition
5/17: Hope (Psalm 130)
Resource: Small Group Questions
Video: Lessons for the Long Haul – Alice Nice
5/24: Humility (Psalm 131)
Video: Lessons for the Long Haul – Marilyn Carlin
Resource: Small Group Questions
5/31: Obedience (Psalm 132)
Video: Lessons for the Long Haul – Jerry Hall
Small Group Questions
6/7: Community (Psalm 133)


The mission statement of our church comes directly from Matthew 28:18, where Jesus calls us to “make disciples.” In the context that Jesus first uttered this command, it was a radical statement. No one made disciples. Different teachers had disciples, but they were training them to graduate from the discipleship process and become rabbis. No one made disciples; they made rabbis. When Jesus calls us to make disciples, He is calling us to a radical new task. He is calling us to engage in a perpetual process. We must learn how to be disciples, that is how to follow Jesus, for the long haul.
Tucked away in the book of Psalms, we find a group of passages known as the “Songs of Ascents.” Psalms 120-134 were sung as pilgrims journeyed to Jerusalem to “ascend” the steps of the Temple. They were written to keep people on track mentally, emotionally and spiritually as they journeyed toward placing God’s presence at the center of their lives. Centuries upon centuries have passed and the content of these songs still has the wisdom to nudge us back on track as we journey toward having God’s presence, Jesus Himself, at the center of our lives. The themes they touch on are timeless. The practices they advise are enduring. The wisdom they provide is durable enough for even the longest journey. We will read them, pray them, and maybe even sing some of them as we seek to make sure our discipleship process stays the course for the long haul. 

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