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Current Message Series


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11/30: The Gracious Presence of God (Genesis 15:1-20) 
Resource: Small Group Questions
12/07: The Renewing Presence of God (1 Kings 19:7-13)
Resource: Small Group Questions
12/14: The Saving Presence of God (Daniel 3:8-27)
Resource: Small Group Questions
12/21: The Complete Presence of God Foretold (Isaiah 6:1-8)
Video: Series Recap
12/24: The Complete Presence of God 


In Scripture we see that part of God’s nature is that He is self-disclosing or self-revealing. God longs not only to know His creation but for His creation to know Him. Advent anticipates and celebrates God’s full self-revelation in Jesus. Throughout Scripture, God reveals glimpses of His character in order to prepare people for the full revelation in Jesus. Biblical scholars use the word “theophany” to describe times when God appears and reveals a piece of His character. When broken down, this Greek word simply means “God appearance” (theos=God, phaino=appear). In each appearance we should pay special attention to what we can learn about God’s presence with us. By walking chronologically through occasions of God appearing prior to that first Christmas, our hope is to experience the same anticipation the Israelites experienced waiting for their Messiah. They had caught glimpses of God but were waiting for God to finally reveal ALL of Himself in the Messiah. We know the Messiah did come, and God was fully revealed at Christmas. 
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