Current Message Series


Current Message Series


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Sermon Schedule and Resources

For small group questions for this series, please see the appendix in the book The Good and Beautiful God.

9/7: "Followed" (Mark 10:46-52), Video: Soul Training: Sleep - Doug Bunn, Docs: Soul Training: Sleep Log, Small Group Questions
9/14: God Is Good (Mark 2:1-12), Video: Soul Training: Silence and Awareness of Creation, Doc: Soul Training: Sunrise/Sunset Card 
9/21: God Is Trustworthy (Mark 5:21-43), Video: Soul Training: Counting Your Blessings, Doc: Soul Training: Counting Your Blessings Card
9/28: God Is Generous (Mark 6:30-44), Video: Soul Training: Praying Psalm 23, Doc: Soul Training: Praying Psalm 23 Card
10/5: God Is Love (Mark 3:1-6), Video: Soul Training: Lectio Divina, Doc: Soul Training: Lectio Divina Card
10/12: God Is Holy (Mark 9:30-50), Video: Soul Training: Margin, Doc: Soul Training: Margin Card 
10/19: God Is Self-Sacrificing (Mark 8:27-9:1), Video: Soul Training: Reading the Gospel of John, Doc: The accompanying Gospel of John booklet was handed out in the service. You can read the Gospel of John online by clicking here.
10/26: God Transforms (Mark 14:27-31)
11/2: The Good and Beautiful God (Mark 1:35-39)

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The mission of the Williamsburg Community Chapel is to make disciples. Simply put, a disciple is someone who follows Jesus. Natural questions that arise from such a declaration are, "Who is this person that I am following? What is He like? Is He worthy of my life?" This series will answer these questions by focusing on the nature of God, His character, and how He works in the world. Each sermon will take an episode from the Gospel of Mark and examine what that passage reveals about God, who revealed Himself in Jesus.

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