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Current Message Series




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Sermon Schedule and Resources

6/14: Genesis 1-11 – Week 1 (Genesis 1:1-25)
Video: Table Talk: Science and Creation
6/21: Genesis 1-11 – Week 2 (Genesis 1:26-31)
Video: Table Talk: Science and Creation Part 2
6/28: Genesis 1-11 – Week 3 (Genesis 2:1-3)
Video: Table Talk: Solomon and David
7/5: Genesis 1-11 – Week 4 (Genesis 2:4-25)
Video: Table Talk: Sabbath
7/12: Genesis 1-11 – Week 5 (Genesis 3:1-13)
Video: Table Talk: Science and Creation Part 3
7/19: Genesis 1-11 – Week 6 (Genesis 3:14-24)
Video: Table Talk: Communion and Conflict 
7/26 (Chapel Family Sunday): Summer Series Break – God's Mighty Power to Forgive (Nehemiah 9:13-21)
8/2: Genesis 1-11 – Week 7 (Genesis 4:1-16)
Video: Table Talk: Confession
8/9: Genesis 1-11 – Week 8 (Genesis 4:17-26)
Video: Table Talk: Effects of Sin
8/16: Genesis 1-11 – Week 9 (Genesis 6:9-21)
Video: Table Talk: Overcoming Sin
8/23: Genesis 1-11 – Week 10 (Genesis 7:24-8:12)
Video: Table Talk: Justice and Mercy
8/30: Genesis 1-11 – Week 11 (Genesis 11:1-9)
9/6: Genesis 1-11 – Week 12 (Genesis 11:24-12:1)


Genesis means “beginnings.” This title is derived from the opening line of the book, which is the opening statement of the whole Bible: “In the beginning…”

The Chapel’s late Pastor Emeritus, Dick Woodward, used to describe the significance of starting at the beginning like this: “God tells us like it was, so we can know how it is.” To understand the way God works now, we must understand the way God worked then. In order to understand our nature now, we must understand what happened to our nature then. To understand our future hope, we must understand God’s ancient plan.

In Genesis 1-11, God tells us “like it was.” By returning to our beginnings, we will better understand our relationship with Him, our relationships with others, our sexuality, our propensity to overwork, overeat, overindulge, and our ability to deceive ourselves. God tells us “like it was” concerning our brokenness, but He also tells it “like it was” concerning His love for His creation, His plan for salvation, and the lengths He would go one day to reconcile all things to Himself. 

Join us this summer as we study Genesis 1-11, contemplating our beginnings and listening to God telling us “like it was,” so we can all know “how it is” and how it will be for eternity.

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