Mentoring Ministries Sign-Up

We are looking for both those who would like to be mentored as well as mentors of all ages. You can apply to be a mentor or to be mentored by filling out the application profile below. Upon receipt of your completed application, someone will be in touch with you within 2 business days. If by chance you do not receive a timely response please contact Jessica Washburn, 941-1571, .

Adopt a Student

Marriage/Pre-Marriage Mentoring Ministry

Our mission is to equip pre-married and married couples with Godly principles to foster healthy relationships that will strengthen the family unit.


 Men and Women's Mentoring Ministry

The goal of mentoring is to create intentional mentoring relationships that deepen our relationship with Christ, enhance our sense of connection at the Chapel, and encourage one another to grow and serve in our unique giftedness as we follow Christ.


 Would you like someone who is one or more life stages ahead of you to encourage you in your walk with Christ and in your personal life? Or would you mentor someone by sharing your walk with Christ and encouraging her along her spiritual journey? To sign up to be mentored or to apply to be a Mentor, please click here or for more information, please contact English Holland,  

Women's Mentoring Expectations