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Next 40 Update: Thailand

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Back in September, we sent a team to Thailand in the Phu Sang District. During the time spent there, the team got to know Pratuan and Gik Somboon, who are the leaders of the Village of Hope. Pratuan and Gik have created a community where kids who are vulnerable to human trafficking and abandonment can live safely, get a strong education, and hear about the love of Jesus. During the trip, the team participated in the groundbreaking ceremony to begin building the high school for the Village of Hope. They prayed for the workers, future students, Pratuan and Gik, and the community. The first two photos below show the groundbreaking ceremony, and now only four months later the foundation has already been completed and the walls are being built. At the time of this post, the high school is already projected to be completed in May! To learn about our four initiatives and how to partner spiritually and financially with us, please visit our Next 40 page:

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Groundbreaking Ceremony: Sept. 12, 2018

Recent photos of the high school's progression:

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