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Next 40 Update: Worship Buddies (05.09.19)

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The Worship Buddies Initiative Team's first meeting was a good one; lots of smart and passionate people on this team!

Pictured left to right: Melissa Dallas, Colleen Wright, Mary Ruth Franklin, Dave Hartt, Ray Hanson, Christy Morgan, Sarah Burton, Debbie LaPan
Not pictured: Isaac Goncalves - High School Ministry Director

We broke the group up into four teams; Facilities, Budget, Vision/Mission, and Community Needs Assessment. Then, each team did a brain storming session to get on paper as many issues as possible that would fall under the umbrella of each team (see image above for more details). We also toured the current Worship Buddies spaces so the team would have a better understanding of the current state of the Worship Buddies program. We are also going to read Disabling Mission, Enabling Witness by Ben Conner. Please continue to pray for our Worship Buddies Initiative Team as they work together to assess the needs of the community, define the mission and vision of the expanded Worship Buddies program, the facility needs, and its budget.

Pictured below is the site of our future shop space.

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