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Next 40 Update: Worship Buddies

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The Worship Buddies Next 40 Initiative Team completed the Worship Buddies Initiative Team (WBIT) Charter in January. This charter outlines the tasks that are to be completed by the WBIT. This team is charged with defining the future scope of the Worship Buddies program including: its vision and mission, clearly defined and realistic program parameters (what we can and cannot do), recommend paid and volunteer needs for the program, as well as recommend facility needs for the program's success.

It is important to have a team with a diversity of perspectives and experiences so it was decided that the composition of the team will include:
One Children's Ministry deacon: Ray Hanson
Two staff members from the Grow Team (CM and SM): Colleen Wright, Isaac Goncalves
Two members of the current Worship Buddies Leadership Team: Sarah Burton, Mary Ruth Franklin
One current Worship Buddies volunteer: Christy Morgan
One parent with a child in the current Worship Buddies Program: Debbie LaPan
One Chapel attendee currently working in the special needs field: Melissa Dallas

This team will be led by Dave Hartt, and after praying for who God was calling to be a part of this team, asks were made. We are looking forward to seeing the plans that God will bring forth from this team that He has called to be a part of this work. Please continue to support them in prayer as they begin this next step in the Worship Buddies Next 40 Initiative.

In tandem with the WBIT, work is beginning on the design of the outside storage building. An outside storage building will provide the needed storage for items currently stored in Room 202 as well as additional work space. Room 202 is the space that will be used for the expanded Worship Buddies Program. The architect will begin that design process now so we also ask that you pray for God's wisdom and insight as that design is formulated.

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