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Thank you for your interest in the Pastoral Search process! This is an exciting time in the life of the Chapel as we look forward into the future. This section of the website has been created to keep us all connected to the Pastoral Search process. Updates will be posted here to share progress. Stay tuned!

The Pastoral Search Committee is chartered by our Constitution, which states that the “elders shall appoint a pulpit (pastoral) committee to prayerfully review and evaluate the qualifications of a prospective Senior Pastor (Lead Pastor)...and present to the Elders.”

Our goal is to deliver a qualified Lead Pastor candidate to the elders, as defined by the previous work found in the Chapel Governance Series. In addition, we will meet new candidates along the way that may assist in other positions of leadership in the future. The elders—working collectively with the Pastoral Search Committee and the rest of the Chapel family—seek to discern God’s will for our church leadership, and we will look within and outside of our church walls.

Thank you for your diligent prayers for the elders, the committee, and our family of faith.

Wrenn Holland

Wrenn Holland
Chairman, Pastoral Search Committee

UPDATE: February 18, 2014

Please send any questions you may have to
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UPDATE: January 3, 2014

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UPDATE: December 13, 2013

In late October the Pastoral Search Committee began meeting every Wednesday night to get clarity and alignment around the task at hand. We have added structure with sub-committees and enlisted numerous subject matter experts including Dick Woodward and our founders to assist throughout the process including the theological reviews to ensure competency and compatibility.

On November 17 the nation-wide promotional began with good responses thus far. The committee began vetting the early applicants for objective attributes such as experience, education, leadership experience, church size, etc. This effort will continue until the advertisement is complete in mid-January.

Please continue to pray for the committee as they conduct this initial assessment and as the promotion continues. Also pray for the more difficult effort of conducting the theological review which will be the next step in the process.
If you know of anyone you would like to recommend, the full job posting can be seen at and applicants should submit their resume and philosophy of ministry to

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UPDATE: November 22, 2013

Thank you for your continued prayers for the team. God has blessed this committee with a tremendous group of talented, humble yet hungry people ready to discern God's will for this position.

Over the past four weeks the team has worked to understand the role of a lead pastor and the enormity of such a job -- extending well beyond just phenomenal teaching in the pulpit but leadership in a large organization and in the community.

Advertisements in various outlets are promoting the position to prospective candidates on various websites and at numerous seminaries across the nation.

If you know of someone interested or someone qualified for this position, please have them submit their resume and philosophy of ministry (no more than two pages) to
Please continue to be in prayer for the committee and this effort as resumes and philosophies of ministries will be coming in soon for review. Pray for open hearts, fresh spirits, health and safety of our families and other responsibilities.


UPDATE: October 18, 2013

Thank you for your prayers for the elders and the steering team of the Pastoral Search Committee. I’m glad to report that all of the Pastoral Search Committee members have been selected, and we will have our first meeting Wednesday, October 23. This meeting will be an important time of team bonding and level-setting on the landscape of the pastoral search process. Pray for God's presence in these foundational steps in the process.

Please pray for each of the new committee members and their families, and join me in thanking them for their service in this important effort.

  • Anne Anderson
  • Peter Budnikas
  • Jeff Clark
  • Jerry Dearmon
  • Tim Holcomb
  • Martha Karam
  • Brent Knowles
  • Debbie McKinnon
  • Paulette Parker
  • Carol Sale

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UPDATE: October 4, 2013

From September 22-October 3, the pastoral search steering team (me and two other elders, Dan Roper and Rob Smith) received nominations from the Chapel family for candidates to serve on the Pastoral Search Committee. The open nomination period has now concluded, and the committee's goal is to present a slate of candidates to the elders on Wednesday, October 9. Soon thereafter, we'll have our first committee meeting. Please be in prayer for the formation of the committee and God's preparation of the candidate He has in mind for the role of our lead pastor.


UPDATE: September 20, 2013

An Introduction to the Pastoral Search Committee and an Invitation to Nominate Committee Members

The Pastoral Search Committee is being formed. Four Members of the Chapel family will be appointed by the elders to serve on the committee. In addition, the Chapel family will nominate four more Members to serve on the committee. Nominations will be received from September 20-October 3.