Nature of the Chapel

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If a visitor came up to you in the Foyer on a Sunday and asked, “What kind of place is the Chapel?,” how would you respond? Have you ever read the Chapel’s mission and vision and wondered: what does it mean to be an interdenominational family of faith?

Our series of discussions on the Nature of the Chapel were designed to help us all understand what kind of place this is and how we can celebrate the unity to which Jesus calls us (John 17:21) amidst the diversity found in an interdenominational family of faith. Topics included essentials of our faith, how to determine a “core” belief, and how to engage in discussion of “non-essentials” in a productive way. Each meeting also involved presentations from the pastors, a moderated panel discussion, as well as additional tools for continued engagement on each topic.

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Session 1: Our Core Beliefs and Principles of Bible Study

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Session 2: Biblical Postures of Polemics and a Case Study

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Session 3: Series Review and a Second Case Study

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