Resources for Small Group Leaders

Small Group Questions: Leader Version

Series: The Great Explorers

2/10: Ruth (Ruth 1:1-18)  Small Group Questions (Leader Version)
2/17: Paul – Part I (Acts 9:1-22) Small Group Questions (Leader Version)
2/24: Paul – Part II (Acts 13:1-3, 19:21-20:1)
3/3: Paul – Part III (2 Timothy 4:1-8)


Our small groups use the Groups module tool from Planning Center Online. This tool helps us extend the care of our attendees from the pastoral team down through the small group leaders and members. The Groups module:

  • Provides a digital directory of our small groups, which allows people searching for an open group to see available options.
  • Allows leaders and members to quickly and easily send an email to one or more selected members of the group.
  • Helps us know the percentage of our attendees who participate in a group, which is one of the church's discipleship priorities.
  • Allow leaders to calendar meetings and report attendance with just a couple of clicks on their electronic devices.
  • Provides a special resources page visible only to Small Group Leaders.

On your first entrance to Planning Center, you may see a green screen like the one below, especially if you are already involved in services or children's ministry.

If you get the green services screen, you should see a small drop-down arrow beside of "services." You'll want to click that and then click on "Groups." Hopefully, you'll see an orange groups screen like the one below.

Once you are designated as a group leader in the Groups module, you are able to invite and add people to the group. You should see something like the following screenshot at the top of your group's page. Simply type in the email of the person you want to add in the box where you see "Add a new member" and they will receive an email with instructions on how to accept the invitation. If you need help logging on to Planning Center or have other questions, please contact Dale South, , (757) 941-1241.

Right Now Media is a service we offer to all small group leaders and participants who want access to thousands of small group curriculum and video series. They are updated often with new studies from quality teachers across the nation. If you want access, contact Dale South, , (757) 941-1241 with your preferred email, and you will receive an invite from Right Now Media.