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Begins the week of September 16 for 7 weeks

Join us for our Explore God Chapel Wide Study this fall! We will explore God together on the questions we all ask ourselves sometimes-
Questions like:

Right Now Media is a service we offer to all small group leaders and participants who want access to thousands of small group curriculum and video series. They are updated often with new studies from quality teachers across the nation. If you want access, contact Elizabeth Duncan,  , (757) 941-1570 with your preferred email, and you will receive an invite from RNM.


We are currently using Planning Center Groups to keep a digital directory of all of our small groups. Please take a moment to update your group information. If you do not have your login to PCG, please contact Elizabeth Duncan,  , (757) 941-1570, to get access.

Thank you for using your gifts, time, and energy to build up our community and His Kingdom! This page will be updated regularly with the latest resources that can aid you in your ministry with your small group.


We are currently transitioning to a new small group management system; meanwhile, we've been updating all our groups on the Planning Center Groups portal. If you do not see your group on PCO: Groups, please contact Elizabeth Duncan,  , (757) 941-1570, to find out how to update your group information and make it accurate.