Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care


Request assistance from our pastoral staff regarding immediate needs, hospital visits, funerals, pre-marital counseling, and weddings.
Contact: Chapel's main # (757) 229-7152 or email

One-on-One Care

Are you at a Turning Point in your life? Schedule a personal, confidential appointment in order to determine what resources are available to you within the Chapel and outside the Chapel.
Contact: Phyllis Leffler at , (757) 229-7152

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Stephen Ministry
This ministry offers confidential listening support to people experiencing difficult situations such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness or relocation.
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Submit Prayer Requests & Praises to , for immediate prayer. Each request is specifically prayed for by our prayer teams. You are also invited to join us for prayer gatherings weekly & throughout the year.

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Addiction & Recovery

Celebrate Recovery offers a confidential, ongoing recovery group for anyone experiencing “Hurts, Habits, or Hang-ups” in their life.
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Support Groups

Support groups meet regularly for those facing various challenges such as cancer or alzheimers/dementia.

cancer alzheimers/dementia

Assistance & Resources

The Chapel provides financial assistance, help with meals, elder care, marriage mentors, and counseling resources.

The Agape Ministry exists to glorify God by sharing His love through offering financial assistance and discipling for people within the Chapel family, and in our community, who are in crisis. For any inquiries, please contact 941-1208,  .

Grief Support
Grief, loss, and pain are an inevitable part of life but did you know that God uses our grief to help us grow?  Charlotte Moyler and Deb Komarnicki are opening their hearts to those suffering the loss of a loved one to death. Through their individual losses, they are reaching out to others in love, hope and healing. Contact either of them if you would like to talk.

Charlotte Moyler, 757-903-1641

Deb Komarnicki, , 757-208-2476


(Pictured left to right: Deb Komarnicki, Charlotte Moyler) 


Senior Care: Hidden Treasures
Hidden Treasures reaches out to seniors, isolated by aging, illness or life circumstances and keeps them in contact with the Christian community, through one-on-one relationships. 
Contact: Sharon Smith at  , (757) 741-1066

Help with Meals
Our Daily Bread helps those in need of meals during illness, surgery, care giving, etc. Our Daily Bread is based on Romans 12:13 and models Christ’s love and compassion by providing meals, on a short-term basis, to those in need at the Chapel.
Contact: Cathy Loscalzo at  , (757) 903-6101

Marriage Mentors
Pre-marital and marriage mentoring is a couple to couple relationship that seeks to help equip couples with vital skills to include communication and conflict resolution. Generally, the Prepare-Enrich inventory is a tool used to help couples learn about their strength and growth areas. Mentoring is intended for couples at all stages of their relationship (pre-engaged, engaged, married).
Contact: Elizabeth Duncan at  , (757) 941-1570

Marriage Mentoring