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Brittany Chiu

Brittany Chiu

Early Childhood Caregiver

Where are you from? Florida

Who is your family? I'm married to a wonderful husband and have one son.

What do you enjoy most about your role at the Chapel?
My favorite part of working with children at WCC is having privileged insight into the wonder they exemplify in their enjoyment as well as their relationships. I believe each child can speak ‘100 languages’ in the way they get their point across and I'm thrilled that you all have accorded me the opportunity to learn daily alongside them. I'm truly humbled that the parents have entrusted me with such a task and excited where this role might take me in ministry life.

Fun Fact: I am passionate about teaching. It is the gift given to me by God, though I am still and always will be learning. I enjoy employing the best of many philosophies into a style that encompasses His teaching as it's foundation.