Summer Reflection Challenge: Psalms

Week 1, June 18-22: Psalms 1-15

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Current Message Series

Day 1: Psalms 1-3

Morning: Psalm 1 (Psalm of Wisdom)
Verse 2 teaches that the person who is truly blessed is the person who delights in and meditates upon the law of God. Take a moment and meditate upon the image of the tree planted by streams of water (v. 3), considering what it teaches you about an abiding relationship with God.

Midday: Psalm 2 (Psalm of Kingship)
Take a few moments and reflect on the contrast between verse 1 and verse 12. What is producing rage in your life or what plans are you making that are not producing your intended results? How might you take refuge in Jesus, the true King?

Evening: Psalm 3 (Psalm of Confidence)
Reread verse 3 and take a moment at the end of the day to thank God for His protection.

Day 2: Psalms 4-6

Morning: Psalm 4 (Psalm of Praise)
Reread verse 1 and thank God for a time in your life when He gave you relief in a time of distress.

Midday: Psalm 5 (Psalm of Lament)
Is there anything that is deeply troubling you? Reread verses 1 and 2 and pray to God about that which is troubling you.

Evening: Psalm 6 (Psalm of Lament)
Before you go to bed, pray again about what was troubling you this afternoon. Place it in God’s hands before you end your day.

Day 3: Psalms 7-9

Morning: Psalm 7 (Psalm of Confidence)
Reread verse 3 and ask God to reveal to you any blind spots or unknown sin in your life.

Midday: Psalm 8 (Psalm of Praise)
Reread verses 3 and 4 and take a moment to praise God for His personal concern for you.

Evening: Psalm 9 (Psalm of Thanksgiving)
Before you go to bed, thank God for His work in your life today.

Day 4: Psalms 10-12

Morning: Psalm 10 (Psalm of Lament)
What in your life is making it feel like God is “far away?” (v. 1)

Midday: Psalm 11 (Psalm of Confidence)
Ponder the question the psalmist poses in verse 3, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Evening: Psalm 12 (Psalm of Confidence)
Take note of how this psalm begins with deep concern and ends with deep confidence. What can Psalm 12 teach us about worship?

Day 5: Psalms 13-15

Morning: Psalm 13 (Psalm of Lament)
What is making you say, “How long, O Lord?” (v. 1)

Midday: Psalm 14 (Psalm of Wisdom)
Consider the characteristics of the “fool” in Psalm 14.

Evening: Psalm 15 (Psalm of Wisdom)
While the word “wise” is not used in this psalm, the description of the person in Psalm 15 is meant to contrast the “fool” described in Psalm 14. What are the characteristics of wise the person the psalmist describes?

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