Summer Reflection Challenge: Psalms

Week 5: July 16-20: Psalms 61-75

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Current Message Series

Day 1: Psalms 61-63

Morning: Psalm 61 (Psalm of Confidence)
Some have suggested that this psalm is from one of David’s narrow escapes in the rocky wilderness. This could be possibly from his own son, Absalom. Do you find yourself in a crazy predicament in your life? Pray this psalm!

Midday: Psalm 62 (Psalm of Confidence)
This psalm shows us how to stand in the midst of opposition. Contemplate verse 12 as you think about work today.

Evening: Psalm 63 (Psalm of Remembrance, Psalm of Thanksgiving)
As you gather possibly with your family this evening focus on verses 5 and 6. Has your day led you to a point where you can say what David has said in these verses? Talk about how you have seen the goodness of God in your day with one another.

Day 2: Psalms 64-66

Morning: Psalm 64 (Psalm of Confidence)
As you start your day, pray verses 1 and 2 – that God will protect you from those that might seek to harm you.

Midday: Psalm 65 (Psalm of Thanksgiving, Psalm of Praise)
This was possibly a song that was sung annually during the first grain of the barley harvest. As you read this psalm, look for the phrases that show gratitude for the Lord’s provision.

Evening: Psalm 66 (Psalm of Thanksgiving)
This is a psalm for God’s deliverance. This deliverance would not have happened, however, if they had clung to sin (v. 18). Is there something in our lives that is hindering us in our relationships that we need to confess?

Day 3: Psalms 67-69

Morning: Psalm 67 (Psalm of Praise)
Read verses 1 and 2 carefully. Why does God bless us? What is God’s desire?

Midday: Psalm 68 (Psalm of Praise, Psalm of Remembrance)
In verse 14, Zalmon means “black or dark mountain.” Notice the contrast of the fallen kings to snow.

Evening: Psalm 69 (Psalm of Lament)
In this psalm, we see David’s troubles are coming from his brothers, his family (vv. 7-9). Look at how he responded. Are there relationships in your family to which you need to devote a special time of focused prayer? Pray as a family tonight.

Day 4: Psalms 70-72

Morning: Psalm 70 (Psalm of Confidence)
This is a short psalm that was often used in connection with an offering. It was used to remind the people of the petitioner’s request. Declare your petitions (or requests) to the Lord this morning as you start your day!

Midday: Psalm 71 (Psalm of Confidence)
From the time when the psalmist was young (v. 5) to when he was old (v. 9) he has praised God. Look at verse 24 one more time. How can you talk about God today with others who are around you?

Evening: Psalm 72 (Psalm of Kingship)
Verse 18 states that God has done “wondrous things.” Take some time with your family or friends and share some of the wondrous things you have seen God do this year in your lives.

Day 5: Psalms 73-75

Morning: Psalm 73 (Psalm of Wisdom)
In verse 24, the phrase “to glory” is better translated “with glory.” Individuals in the Old Testament rarely thought of glory as heavenly glory or final resting glory. Rather they saw it as having honor or favor with God in the here and now. Pray this morning for His wisdom as you begin your day.

Midday: Psalm 74 (Psalm of Remembrance)
Do you ever feel like everyone around you scoffs at the name of Jesus? This is nothing new. The psalmist feels the same way and states it in verse 22. Pray that the Lord would use you and work through you to proclaim His name!

Evening: Psalm 75 (Psalm of Confidence)
The word “horn” is used in verses 4, 5, and 10. Horn here is a metaphor carried over from the animal kingdom that speaks of pride, self-reliance, arrogance, and defiance. Ask God to give your family humble hearts to trust in Him more and in yourselves less.

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