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Click below to watch the first Summer Reflection Challenge video from our new series Summer Bible Study: Psalms.

2017-2018 Annual Focus Key Dates Calendar

Click the image below to access our Summer Reflection Challenge! Readings begin on Monday, June 18.

Sermon Schedule and Resources

6/17: Worship and the Psalms (Psalm 2)
Resource: Sermon Slides
Video: Summer Reflection Challenge: Intro - Hunter Ruch and Rich Sylvester
6/24: Worship and Remembrance - Part I (Psalm 89)
7/1: Worship and Remembrance - Part II (Psalm 77)
7/8: Worship and Wisdom - Part I (Psalm 1)
7/15: Worship and Wisdom - Part II (Psalm 119)
7/22: Worship and Confidence  -Part I (Psalm 91)
7/29: Worship and Confidence - Part II (Psalm 23)
8/5, Chapel Family Worship - SM Missions Experience: Abraham
8/12: Worship and Lament - Part I (Psalm 22)
8/19: Worship and Lament - Part II (Psalm 88)
8/26: Worship and Praise - Part I (Psalm 19)
9/2 Worship and Praise - Part II (Psalm 150)

About This Message Series

The great reformer John Calvin said, “There is nothing more perilous to our salvation than a preposterous and perverse worship of God.” Using not so subtle language, Calvin is getting at the idea that when a church worships God rightly, according to His Word, everything else falls into place. However, when a church succumbs to shallow, preference-based, individualized worship, that church is on a dangerous course that must be corrected.

During the summer of 2018, we will turn to the Book of Psalms – the hymnal placed at the very center of the Bible – for God’s teaching on proper worship. Our goal is that by the time fall arrives, everyone who calls the Chapel their church home will have a biblical, rather than personal, view of worship.

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