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Current Message Series

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Our Annual Focus for September 2016–June 2017 is titled Movement. Click below to view our accompanying materials!
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Sermon Schedule and Resources

3/1, Ash Wednesday: Jesus Teaches Us to Pray (Part 1) (Matthew 6:5-15)

3/5, First Sunday of Lent: Jesus Teaches Us to Pray (Part 2) (Matthew 6:5-15)
Resources: Small Group Questions, Lenten Weekly Prayer Schedule
Video: Series Intro Video

3/12, Second Sunday of Lent: Jesus' Prayer of Thanksgiving (Matthew 11:25-30)
Resources: Small Group Questions, Lenten Weekly Prayer Schedule

3/19, Third Sunday of Lent: Jesus' Prayer for the Father's Glory (John 12:20-36)
Resources: Small Group Questions

3/26, Fourth Sunday of Lent: Jesus' Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-50)

4/2, Fifth Sunday of Lent: Jesus' Prayer for Us (Part 1) (John 17:1-19)

4/9, Palm Sunday: Jesus' Prayer for Us (Part 2) (John 17:20-18:1)

4/14, Good Friday: Jesus' Prayers from the Cross (Matthew 27:45-56)

4/16, Easter: Easter Reflection (John 21:1-14)

About This Message Series

Prayer is a virtually universal human behavior. Prayer fulfills a desire within us all to connect with something larger than ourselves. Prayer gives us access to the wisdom of the Almighty. Prayer offers a place to whisper what we dare not tell another soul or in frustration to cry out before God. Prayer is the starting point for every great spiritual movement. Yet, few people actually know how to pray. Most people know how important prayer is, but few people report having a vital prayer life. From Ash Wednesday to Easter we will examine the prayers of Jesus. We will learn how Jesus approached prayer, what he prayed and how he instructs us to pray. If we are going to discern Jesus’ movement in our midst, deep and abiding prayer is essential. This Lenten season let us look to the prayer life of our risen Savior as we embrace the resurrected life He offers each day through prayer.

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