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11/10: Entering the Promise Land (Joshua 1:1-11)
Resources: Sermon Follow-Up, Sermon Slides
11/17: Israel Defeated (Joshua 7:1-13)
Resources: Sermon Follow-Up, Sermon Slides
11/24, Series Break: Eastside Sunday
12/1, First Sunday of Advent: Waiting for the King: Judges and Ruth (Matthew 1:1-5; Ruth 1:1-18)
12/8, Second Sunday of Advent: Waiting for the King: Saul and David (Matthew 1:6; 1 Samuel 8:1-22)
12/15, Third Sunday of Advent: Waiting for the King: Solomon to Asaph (Matthew 1:6-7; 1 Kings 3:1-15)
12/22, Fourth Sunday of Advent: Waiting for the King: Josiah to Exile (Matthew 1:8-11; 2 Kings 22:1-20)
12/24, Christmas Eve Services: Waiting for the King: The True King Arrives (Matthew 2:1-15)
12/29: Guest Speaker – Michael Simone

About This Message Series

The Historical Books provide a “God’s eye” perspective on the history of God’s people, Israel. These books span an approximately 1,000-year time period. They cover the history of and provide historical context for everything that follows them in the Old Testament. These books show how God works through ordinary events and how God supernaturally breaks into the natural world. Whether God uses ordinary or extraordinary means, the Historical Books are clear: God is powerfully at work in history for God’s redemptive purposes. Though Israel suffers defeat as it attempts to inhabit the Promise Land, though Israel’s culture spirals downward under the leadership of Judges, though God’s people reject God as their true King, though wicked rulers are enthroned as kings and queens, though foreign armies deport God’s people, though the temple is destroyed and, even when God’s name is not mentioned as Esther attempts to save God’s people in Persian exile, the narrative stresses this point at every turn: this remains God’s story. It is all His-story.

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