Next 40 FAQ


The Big Picture

We believe Jesus is calling us to journey with Him towards several initiatives in this "Next 40" season of our church. As we start this journey together, we are asking everyone who calls the Chapel their church home to watch this report from our 2018 Chapel Family Update: Annual Meeting Edition, which will help us move forward in unity.

As a family of faith, our next step is prayer. All throughout Scripture, we are reminded that “prayer precedes movement.” Please take some time to pray that God would not only anoint these three initiatives but also every “fourth initiative” as we remember that “I am W. C. Chapel.” (If these quotations leave you with questions, please be sure to watch the video above.)

We are grateful for Jesus’ provision in the past, His plan for the future, and His call to participate in His mission in the present. May Jesus lead us into the "Next 40" together.


  1. Q: What is the "Next 40"?
    A: The "Next 40" represents four initiatives that, together, paint a picture of the strategic direction in which Jesus is calling us to move at the beginning of our Next 40-year journey as a family of faith.
  2. Q: What are the first three initiatives?
    A: The first three initiatives are (1) a church plant on the east side of Williamsburg called Eastside Church in the Second Street area, (2) a Worship Buddies program expansion and build out of multi-purpose space for that program as well as other ministry programming, and (3) a deeper partnership with what our current missions partner ICM is doing to combat sexual exploitation, train nationals, and plant churches in Thailand.
  3. Q: What is the fourth initiative?
    A: A major part of the "Next 40" includes a “fourth initiative,” and that fourth initiative is YOU! We believe that the Gospel movement Jesus longs to see in our community is “bottom up” and not “top down.” We are asking everyone who calls the Chapel their church home to consider what fourth initiative Jesus is asking them to pursue as a part of His Gospel movement. For more on the vision for the fourth initiative, please watch this video.
  4. Q: How long will it take to see these initiatives take shape?
    A: While the timing of each initiative is unique to the character of that initiative, we believe that within three years each initiative will have made significant and substantive progress.
  5. Q: How much does all of this cost?
    A: The total cost for all of the "Next 40" initiatives is approximately 1.524 million dollars.
  6. Q: When will the money be raised?
    A: In the fall of 2018, the "Next 40" will be a prominent topic for our church family. The communication and conversations that take place throughout the fall will culminate on Commitment Sunday toward the end of November 2018. Commitment Sunday is our annual opportunity to commit or recommit to the mission Jesus has given His church. On Commitment Sunday, 2018, we will ask the Chapel Family to consider a three-year Faith Promise of spiritual and financial support to the "Next 40" campaign.
  7. Q: What is the significance of the number “40” in the title of the campaign?
    A: In the Fall of 2016, the Chapel celebrated its 40th anniversary. At that time, our sermon series entitled "The Movement of God’s People" looked at the 40-day or 40-year journeys of God’s people throughout Scripture. We learned that the number 40 in the Bible represents both a time and a season. God has brought us through our first 40-year season of church life and we are grateful that, in His Providence, He is calling us into a "Next 40" together.
  8. Q: Is there a key Biblical passage for the "Next 40"?
    A: Acts 1:1-8. These verses describe the first movement of Jesus’ ministry succinctly and outline the pattern for how the second movement is to proceed, from “Jerusalem” (where you are) to “Judea and Samaria” (close by but with different needs) and all the way to “the ends of the earth” (the Gospel is to go out well beyond our comfort zones).
  9. Q: What is the best next step I can take to be a part of the "Next 40"?
    A: The best next step is prayer. We are convinced that “prayer precedes movement”. Pray for each of the three initiatives and ask God to reveal what “fourth initiative” He is calling you to pursue. When He reveals it to you, pray that you would have the courage to pursue it. To receive specific prayer requests for our Next 40 Campaign, text next40prayer to 41411.
  10. Q: Can I offer my input on the "Next 40" Campaign?
    A: Yes! One of the Chapel’s core values is that we "Value Feedback". We believe the more fingerprints that touch the "Next 40," the more clearly we will see Jesus’ hand at work. You can offer feedback any time by clicking here.