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Meet our new Chapel Short-Term Missionaries!

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The Chapel’s Short-Term Missionary program gives spiritual and financial support to recent college graduates who want to serve a global or U.S. ministry for up to two years. This year, we’re excited to support Samantha Tiffany and Luke DiPette, two outstanding young adults from our Chapel family who were involved in Student Ministry before going off to college. To learn more about our short-term missionary program, please contact Wes White, 229-7152, .

Samantha Tiffany

Samantha Tiffany will graduate in August from the University of Florida (UF) where she majored in Spanish and Pre-Health. She’ll stay at her alma mater and start a one-year Doulos Greek life missionary program with CRU. Samantha is excited to work with spiritual leaders in fraternities and sororities. She’ll be discipling and mentoring students, leading Bible studies, and coordinating a spring break mission trip to Guatemala.

“Building up spiritual leaders in Greek life has the potential to reach not only their chapters and their campuses, but even the world for Christ,” says Samantha. “This is one of the biggest unreached people groups on our college campuses. Despite the good fraternities and sororities do and the potential they have, they can be a dark place heavy with sin, brokenness, and lost people. But, when the Lord gets a hold of their hearts, He does amazing things.”

Samantha asked that that the Chapel family pray for her ministry and that God will bring a spiritual revival to the UF campus. She is also praying and praising God for provision during this season of her life.

Luke DiPette

Luke DiPette recently graduated from Virginia Tech with a dual degree in Chemistry and Criminology. During his time on campus, Luke attended Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and found a supportive community that God used to refine his faith and spark a passion for missions. During his junior year, Luke felt a calling to serve in Chia Alpha’s Campus Missionary In-Training (CMIT) program after graduation. For the 2019-2020 academic year, Luke will return to Virginia Tech to serve the missional community that had such an impact on his life. In addition to discipling students and leading Bible studies, he’ll be organizing biweekly social events and evangelizing to students on campus.

“I believe that the Lord has called me to work in full-time missions in some capacity,” Luke says. This CMIT program will allow me to sharpen my skills as someone going into missions, particularly in evangelism, sermon writing/delivery, and submission to authority. I also believe that God will give me a clearer vision as to how He wants me to serve Him in the future.”

Luke welcomes prayer for the financial and spiritual support he’ll need to humbly serve the ministry and to be an effective mouthpiece for the gospel.

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