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A Note from Travis: 2018 Annual Meeting Recap

A Note from Travis: 2018 Annual Meeting Recap

by Travis Simone on May 02, 2018

A Note from Travis: 2018 Annual Meeting Recap

Dear Chapel Family,

What a privilege it was to gather together this past Sunday for our Chapel Family Update: Annual Meeting Edition to discuss what Jesus has done in our midst over the past year and to consider where Jesus wants to lead us in the future. While videos of each segment of the meeting, as well as a video of the entire evening, are available below, I would like to ask everyone who calls the Chapel their church home to take 30 minutes and watch the final segment of the meeting entitled “Vision for the Next 40.”

We believe Jesus is calling us to journey with Him towards several initiatives in this next season of church life. I pray we can all start that journey together, and I believe this report from our Annual Meeting will help us take our first step in unity.

As I mentioned on Sunday night, our next step is prayer. All throughout scripture, we are reminded that “prayer precedes movement.” Please take some time to pray that God would not only anoint these three initiatives but also every “fourth initiative” as we remember that “I am W. C. Chapel.” (If you are wondering what I am talking about, I am sincerely asking that everyone take half an hour to click on the video above in order to get the full picture.) We welcome your feedback. We are at the earliest stages of this campaign. If you would like to help us make this better, please click the button below.

"Next 40" Feedback Survey

In addition to the vision for the Next 40 that was shared, a Ministry Update, a Financial Update, and a Human Resources Update were all presented at the meeting. We also conducted an election for two openings on our elder board, and I would like to welcome Graham Henshaw and Bob Morrison to the elder team. To get to know our two newest elders, please click the button below.

2018 Elder Candidates

I left Sunday evening grateful for Jesus’ provision in the past, His plan for the future, and His call to participate in His mission. May Jesus lead us into the Next 40 together.

See you Sunday,

Travis Simone, Lead Pastor
Williamsburg Community Chapel

Click the images below to view the different sections of the meeting.




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