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Posted by Travis Simone on

Dear Chapel Family,

Last Sunday night we welcomed 250 people into the Main Worship Room for a Chapel Family Update. We shared information, received questions, and listened to insights that came from every corner of the room. At one point my kids even ran down the aisle and took over the microphone. I sensed our Chapel family growing closer in love and unity during the evening because we were together stewarding the mission Jesus has given us to make disciples.

A few highlights from our time together:

1. Rich shared two key findings from the REVEAL survey: first, our church is passionate about the study of God’s Word. We have a deep hunger for learning about Scripture on Sunday morning and in our small groups. This is a great sign of spiritual maturity. God’s Word will always be central to who we are as a family of faith. Second, now is the time for increased focus on the application of God’s Word. I am looking forward toward teaching more about application this year.

2. Rob reported on our finances. Everyone should be encouraged that giving is above the levels we experienced last year. People are investing their resources in what God is doing in and through the Chapel. However, to date, giving is not at our budgeted levels. We have reduced spending and will continue to do so to ensure we are not living beyond our means.  We are embracing the need to become more efficient in all areas of our ministry. We are on track for giving to be 3.8 million dollars by the end of the year. I asked everyone to pray for God’s movement in our midst to bring giving to 4.2 million dollars by the end of the year. This level of giving will create the financial environment where growth and innovation can be pursued more vigorously.

3. I walked through our yearly preaching focus and spoke about what God has laid on my heart regarding where we are as a family of faith and how we are to move forward under Jesus’ leadership.  The phrase I want all of us to know is, “Go back to the beginning.” In the Bible, when God brings His people through times of transition, He often calls them to go back to foundational and fundamental truth. We will apply this biblical concept as we return to the beginning of our mission as a church: making disciples. Each sermon series will answer a key question of discipleship: Who am I following? How do I follow? Why follow? Where will following lead? How do I follow for the long haul?

As the evening closed, the sense of partnership was palpable. I believe that Jesus’ body is seen more clearly when we come together. I am looking forward to more Chapel Family Updates in the future to propel us toward greater levels of growth in love for Jesus, for each other and for His mission, to make disciples.

Grateful for your partnership,


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