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Posted by Travis Simone on

Dear Chapel Family,
One of the highlights of our Chapel Family Update on February 21 was the introduction of Claude Marshall as our new Pastoral Care Pastor. Claude's introduction was part of a larger project to fill out the organizational structure (click here to view) the Chapel's leadership approved in 2015. We believe that a clear organizational structure that is aligned with our discipleship strategy is essential for our church to to fully engage the mission Jesus has entrusted to us, making disciples. 

Since our last Chapel Family Update my joy and excitement has only increased as I have watched Jesus continue to draw the right people to our team. We have several new staff members who will join us between late spring and early summer. Please allow me to introduce them to you:

 Claude Marshall
 Pastoral Care Pastor
 Claude brings substantial wisdom, life experience, and maturity to this role on the Serve Team. Click here to learn more about Claude

 Hunter Ruch 
 Connect Team Leader
 Hunter adds a depth of biblical knowledge to a Connect Team ready for a permanent leader. Click here to learn more about Hunter

 Wes White 
 Missions Director 
 Wes will transition his family from the mission field in Spain to take this role on our Serve Team and to help the Chapel family increase our commitment to reach the least, the last, and the lost with the Gospel. Click here to learn more about Wes

As I prepare my heart for Holy Week to begin this Sunday, I am struck by Jesus' provision. He has always been faithful to His church, providing His presence that we might fulfill His mission. He is now providing new partners to join us in pursuing His mission. I hope you will join me in expressing gratitude to Jesus Christ for His continued provision for us. Jesus' continued presence in our midst combined with these three new staff members' maturity, biblical knowledge, and passion to reach the lost will be transformative for our community. Claude, Hunter, and Wes all look forward to serving alongside everyone who calls the Chapel home. Let us welcome them fully into our community so that we might more effectively make disciples together. 

See you Sunday,

Travis Simone
Lead Pastor

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