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July 2021 Spiritual & Financial Update

July 2021 Spiritual & Financial Update

August 13, 2021

Dear Chapel Family, 

As we come to another monthly spiritual and financial update, I’d like to share about God’s provision through the month of July, as well as prepare our family of faith for our Annual Meeting on September 12th. 

For our financial update: 

  • In the month of July, the Chapel received 112% of our budgeted offerings.  
  • Year-to-date through the month of July, we have received 99.65% of our budgeted offerings. 
  • Let us continue to thank God as He faithfully provides through the generosity of the Chapel family. 
  • To hear more about how our giving is sharing the Gospel in our community, I invite you to watch my introduction to the offertory from this past Sunday’s service by clicking HERE.

For our financial reports throughout the year, more information on giving, or to give, please visit wcchapel.org/giving.  

For our spiritual update: 

  • Our 2021 Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, September 12th – both inside and outside. 
  • At this year’s meeting, we will celebrate God’s faithfulness and remember what He did among us over the past year.  
  • The Chapel’s membership will also be electing 4 new elders from a slate of 6 candidates. For an introduction to each of our candidates, please click the image below. 

2021 Elder Candidates

We will also provide an opportunity to get to know each candidate in more depth at our Meet the Candidates Night on Sunday, August 29th at 7pm both outside and online. For more information about our elder nomination process, I invite you to watch the recording of our Chapel Family Conversation from this past Sunday by visiting wcchapel.org/conversation.  

As we move toward our upcoming Annual Meeting, I want to encourage our interdenominational family of faith to remember and practice the Apostle Paul’s instructions to the church in Rome.  

As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, 

but not to quarrel over opinions.”

— Romans 14:1

In the church, when it comes to “disputable matters” (Romans 14:1 NIV), God’s Word instructs us to welcome and not quarrel.  

The Apostle ends this discussion with the reason why welcoming one another is God’s desire for His church: “Therefore, welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God” (Romans 15:7). Christ welcomed us, so we must welcome each other. I encourage us all to ask the question, “What would it look like to welcome each other now, on September 12th, and beyond?” I pray that the way we welcome one another will point our church and our community to the glory of our Triune God. 

See you Sunday – outside, inside, and online


Travis Simone
Lead Pastor

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