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March 2021 Spiritual & Financial Update

March 2021 Spiritual & Financial Update

by Travis Simone on April 16, 2021

Dear Chapel Family, 

After celebrating the resurrection of Jesus together on Easter and beginning our new series, Fix Our Eyes on Jesus with Our Doubt, I want to provide the Chapel family with a Spiritual and Financial Update that covers March and the first quarter of 2021. Please take two minutes to watch the video by clicking the image below. 

For our financial reports throughout the year, more information on giving, or to give, please visit wcchapel.org/giving

I’ve recently been reflecting on Easter. As I read the eye witness accounts in the Gospel, I keep coming back to the idea that the resurrected Christ appears in unexpected places and does unexpected things.  

The resurrected Christ met us at our sunrise service when, right as we read Jesus’ words calling to His disciples, the sun popped just above the treeline and lit up our shroud-draped cross. The resurrected Christ united our voices with our worship team, organ, and a portion of our choir to proclaim, “on Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.” The resurrected Christ joined the sound of our worship with the sounds of creation, and together we proclaimed the glory of God (Ps. 19:1), worshiping across the Chapel’s lawn and parking lot. 

The generosity of the Chapel family fuels all of our ministries and allowed us to be creative in our plans to meet people wherever they were spiritually and physically on Easter.  

In John 21 we learned the resurrection reveals the Rescuer. Many in our world are longing for rescue. Who, in your life, needs to hear the Good News that rescue is available in Jesus Christ? Our upcoming sermon series are a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbors back to church or to experience church for the first time. Between now and the first week in June, we will: 

  • Fix Our Eyes on Jesus with Our Doubt 
  • Fix Our Eyes on Jesus the Evangelist 
  • Fix Our Eyes on Jesus the Sender 
  • Fix Our Eyes on the Challenge of Jesus 

May we continue to meet the resurrected Christ in unexpected places and have the eyes to see the unexpected things He is doing in our midst. 

See you Sunday – inside, outside, and online

Travis Simone
Lead Pastor


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