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March 31: Note from Bill Price

Posted by Bill Price on

Dear Chapel Family,

Our current events have opened our eyes to a truth that has always attended our congregational worship, that when we gather, we are invisibly linked to a universal host of worshipers who claim Jesus as Lord. As wonderful and necessary as they are, the visible elements of worship: pews, choirs, communion, etc. often blind us to the equally profound invisible elements of worship: concurrent congregations, attending angels and the perpetual worship of heaven. Unseen by us, these have always been a part of our worship and while we – like all churches – count attendance and cars in the parking lot, from His perspective in heaven our Father views as a whole the universal Body of Christ offering “blessing, honor, glory and power to him who sits on the throne and unto the Lamb for ever and ever” (Rev 5:13).

While we gather online instead of onsite, we continue to be the Church, the body of Christ. We hope you will take advantage of our online resources in order to stay connected to Jesus' community at the Chapel:

Digital Devotions and Prayer
Join us Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 2 pm EST for our LIVE Digital Devotions on Facebook where we will be led in devotion, corporate prayer, and worship. If you cannot join us at that time, or are not on Facebook, the most recent video will be posted here. You can also refer back to our Psalms Reflection Challenge from two years ago to pray through.

Sunday Worship Service
Join us every Sunday for a full worship service video. It will be posted by 9 am EST on Facebook or

Ways to Get Care and Provide Help
For more information on receiving care, click here.
If you can provide help, view opportunities here.

Other Communications
For more information on where to find our videos, social media, and text alerts, click here.

So when you join us online for worship and you think the only thing you see is a spouse, or a couple of kids or a cat, look again with the eyes of faith and behold with wonder a universal, spiritual, eternal family with whom you will worship for all eternity – and rejoice!

See you online,
Bill Price
Choral Ministry Director