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May 26: A Note to our Chapel Family

Posted by Jessica Grimes on

Dear Chapel Family,

I hope you were able to enjoy your Memorial Day as we paused to reflect on the sacrifice of so many men and women that have ensured the freedoms of our country. Those men and women had hope in something bigger than themselves that would endure for the generations that came after them. Hope. Sometimes that idea seems elusive in times like these — especially when you scroll through the current news headlines and constantly hear about an unsteady economy, missed milestones, the unemployed, the sick, and those who have died. Yet, in the midst of these challenges, we can always have hope as followers of Jesus Christ.

This past Sunday, Rich preached about the Christians in Thessalonica who were in the midst of feeling loss and grief — much like our current world. It is natural to grieve when we feel loss in our lives, but it is different for those who place their faith in Jesus Christ. Because He died for us — the ultimate sacrifice — and rose again, we are able to be with Him. This is not wishful thinking. We know how the story ends. So do not lose hope!

We are beginning to see glimpses of hope as we slowly re-enter our community and begin to talk about re-opening our church building for corporate worship once again. The Re-Opening Team continues to meet in an effort to create a plan for what onsite worship and ministry will look like at our church. As with all of our ministries, the Re-Opening Team values your input, so please continue to send your feedback, perspective, or concerns to . As we have mentioned previously, we will send out communication about our next steps as soon as they are finalized.

Though not the preferred method, I am thankful that we can worship together through modern technology and I pray that you will continue to be encouraged through these avenues. Please see below as a reminder.

Evensong: A Gathering of Worship & Prayer

This Friday, May 29 at 6 pm
Join us beginning at for our first online Evensong service. For more information, visit

Sunday Worship Service

Join us every Sunday as our full worship service video will be posted by 9 am EST at or on Facebook.  Before joining us for worship, be sure to connect during our LIVE Digital Foyer, which begins at 9 am (also on or on Facebook).

Digital Devotions and Prayer

Join us Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 2 pm EST for our LIVE Digital Devotions on Facebook where we will be led in devotion, corporate prayer, and worship. If you cannot join us at that time, or are not on Facebook, the most recent video will be posted here. You can also refer back to our Psalms Reflection Challenge from two years ago to pray through.

Prayer Wall

During this health crisis, many people are faced with challenges (lost jobs, unpaid bills, sickness). The power of prayer is the power of God, who promises to answer our prayers. "I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God: incline your ear to me; hear my words" (Psalm 17:6). Submit a prayer request or join in the privilege of praying for others at our Prayer Wall.

Other Communications

For more information on where to find our videos, social media, and text alerts, click here.

Weekly Photo Challenge

This week, in honor of this Sunday's Pentecost, wear something red and write a sign that says "Fall afresh on us!" Take a photo of you with your sign and send it to . We will use the photos in a future worship service and post on social media to help encourage each other!

So this week, let's wait on the promises of God. Let's have true hope in the One who promises everlasting life. Be encouraged!

Jessica Grimes
Communications Director