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Nature of the Chapel Follow Up from Travis

Posted by Travis Simone on

Dear Chapel Family,

This past Sunday, many of us had the opportunity to gather around tables to enjoy our first of three conversations about our core, non-negotiable aspects of our faith, how to have productive conversations on matters that fall outside of this core, and how to practice these types of discussions with two case studies. We’ve entitled this series: The Nature of the Chapel. A video of the entire first session is available below.

As we continue to engage with this content together, I also wanted us to have access to several additional tools, including the slides from Hunter’s presentation, as well as the Table Discussion Questions. I hope these tools will help you continue the discussion among your small group or other members of our community as we seek to celebrate the unity we can have in Christ in the midst of our diversity of thought and practice as an interdenominational family of faith.

In addition to a thought-provoking presentation by Associate Pastor, Hunter Ruch, we had a panel discussion in the hopes of modeling the level of discourse needed in order to have productive conversations on matters that fall outside of our core. Although we were only able to cover a few questions in our panel discussion time at Sunday’s event, the Associate Pastors and I met this week to go through the questions and discuss them together. The video of that discussion is available below.

Finally, I would like to invite you to continue the conversation with us at our remaining two Nature of the Chapel forums (which will take place on Sundays, March 17th and 24th). If you plan to attend but have not yet registered, please do so online by clicking the button below. Registration helps us tremendously as we plan for the event, and it is required for dinner and childcare.

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My prayer has been, and continues to be, that the Nature of the Chapel forums would help us celebrate our union with each other in Jesus’ Body at the Chapel made possible by our union with Him through faith, and that we would learn how to celebrate our unity as a Body in the midst of the diversity of thought and practice found in an interdenominational family of faith.

See you Sunday,

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