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Nature of the Chapel Part 2 Follow Up from Travis

Posted by Travis Simone on with 1 Comments

Dear Chapel Family,

As I reflect on this past weekend and our second installment of the Nature of the Chapel forums, I continue to be grateful that so many people would gather on a Sunday afternoon to study the history of how the larger Church of Jesus Christ has approached “disputable matters” of faith and to learn how we can have productive discussions on topics that fall outside of the core, non-negotiable aspects of our faith. Videos from both our first and second sessions can be found by clicking the button below:

Nature of the Chapel

The video of this past Sunday's forum is available below:

Like last week, I also want to make sure we all have access to the content from the presentations by Associate Pastors Claude Marshall and Rich Sylvester. Slides from their teachings can be found HERE. You can also click HERE for a copy of the Table Discussion Questions. I continue to thank God for each person whom He has called to our pastoral team and for the gifted teaching that each of our Associate Pastors has shared over the past two weeks. They have each helped me learn more about how I can celebrate the unity we can have in Christ Jesus in the midst of the diversity of thought and practice I experience in our interdenominational family of faith.

We concluded our time together on Sunday with another moderated panel discussion to help us continue to learn what it might look like to disagree without being disagreeable by modeling some of the “Postures of Polemics” which Rich so wonderfully introduced. Since we were once again unable to answer every question that was submitted at the forum, the Associate Pastors and I met again this week to discuss the remaining questions. To see a video of that discussion, please click the image below:

This coming Sunday, March 24th we will conclude our Nature of the Chapel forums with our third and final session. This last session will focus on a second case study examining four historical perspectives on the roles of men and women within the various offices of the church. As I mentioned last week, if you plan to attend but have not yet registered, please do so online by clicking the button below:

Nature of the Chapel

We had another full house on Sunday, so registration really helps us as we plan for the event, and it is required for dinner and childcare.

I look forward to our time around tables together this Sunday as we pursue the unity we can have as the Body of Christ in the midst of the diversity of thought and practice we have within our interdenominational family of faith.

See you Sunday,

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Paul Roa March 27, 2019 6:12am

Thank you for the delightful follow up discussion. It was so encouraging to hear the questions and responses and also to see the dynamics between each of you. The care and respect you have for one another and for those asking the questions was very evident. Watching and listening was very very encouraging. Thank you again!
Paul Roa