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November Spiritual & Financial Update - December 11, 2020

November Spiritual & Financial Update - December 11, 2020

by Travis Simone on December 11, 2020

Dear Chapel Family, 

Each first Sunday of the month, I’ve shared a spiritual and financial update with the Chapel family. Please click the image below to hear a summary of last Sunday’s update. 

I spoke with a grandmother last week and she told me how she brought her granddaughter to the drive-thru picnic. As they shared a dinner of burgers and hot dogs, they went through the Advent activity provided with the meals. This grandmother expressed gratitude for the opportunity to help her granddaughter understand the first Advent candle of hope and how each Christmas we celebrate the hope that was and is embodied in Jesus Christ.  

As we read in John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Jesus is using the generosity of the Chapel family to shine His light into our community and beyond. December represents the largest monthly portion of our budget each year ($510,000). For information on year-end giving, and to continue giving back to the God who has given everything for us in the person of Jesus Christ, please visit wcchapel.org/giving

See you Sunday – outside, inside, and online

Travis Simone
Lead Pastor 

P.S. With permission from some generous publishers, we are now able to offer a recording of last year’s Christmas concert online. You can visit wcchapel.org/concert to deepen your worship of Jesus as the one true King. We also invite you to share the link with others who might need the light of Christ to shine in the darkness this Advent season. 

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