We believe membership at the Chapel is an important part of a person’s faith journey and demonstrates a growing commitment to Christ’s work in the world through the church. We would love for you to consider committing to membership as part of our Chapel family!

How to Become a Member:

  • If you agree with our Core Beliefs and are interested in membership, please contact Hunter Ruch, (757)941-1246,  .
  • Participate in our Starting Point class.
  • Click the button below to view our Statement of Faith and Member's Covenant form, and print and return a signed copy to the Chapel.

Statement of Faith and Member's Covenant

  • Meet with a Pastor and Elder.

Characteristics of a Member:

  • People whose only hope for salvation is in Jesus Christ.
  • People whose lives are being changed by Christ.
  • People who want to become more committed to Christ and to the Chapel and its ministries.

The Commitments of a New Member Include:

  • To continue in submission to the lordship of Christ in every area of life.
  • To grow in your relationship with Christ through prayer, the reading of His Word, and being in fellowship with others.
  • To pray for the Chapel, its ministries, its leadership, and its people.
  • To support the Chapel with time, talents, and treasures.