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The Movement of God's People

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Our Annual Focus for September 2016–June 2017 is titled Movement. Click below to view our accompanying materials!



Sermon Schedule and Resources

9/18: 40 Days with Noah (Genesis 8:6-19)
Videos: 40 Years with the Chapel – Dick TermanSeries Intro Video
9/25: 40 Days with the Spies (Numbers 13:17-31)
Video: 40 Years with the Chapel – Ray and Jane Hanson
Resource: Small Group Questions
10/2: 40 Years with Rueben and Gad (Numbers 32:1-23)
Video: 40 Years with the Chapel – Karen Thompson
Resource: Small Group Questions
10/9: 40 Days with David (1 Samuel 17:1-23)
Video: 40 Years with the Chapel – Phyllis Terman
Resource: Small Group Questions
10/16: 40 Days with Elijah (1 Kings 19:1-13)
Video: 40 Years with the Chapel – Milt Hines
Resource: Small Group Questions
10/23: 40 Days with Jonah (Jonah 3:1-4:1)
Video: 40 Years with the Chapel – Dave Thompson
Resource: Small Group Questions
10/30: 40 Days with Jesus (Acts 1:1-11)
Video: 40 Years with the Chapel; The Movement of God’s People – Series Recap
Resource: Small Group Questions

About This Message Series

In the fall of 1976, God moved in the lives of two couples from the local college community to launch Williamsburg Community Fellowship. The church met in a small home, the children’s ministry in a neighboring house. Each Sunday morning, folding chairs replaced furniture. Each Sunday afternoon, as the furniture replaced the folding chairs, it was clear that all who attended were to bring the shape of the Gospel wherever they found themselves in the coming week. They sought to focus on the essentials of the historic Christian faith irrespective of denominational differences. Williamsburg Community Fellowship was renamed Williamsburg Community Chapel when the church was formally organized. All who call the Chapel home today are part of this living room legacy and now face a decision: will we institutionalize our heritage and ministry methods, or will we refresh our embrace of the movement Jesus began in a living room 40 years ago?

This fall, in honor of the Chapel’s 40th anniversary, we will study the 40 day or 40 year journeys we find in Scripture. These stories will help us see how God moves His people and how God’s people can participate in His movement.


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