Chapel Family Questionnaire

Dear Chapel Family,

During this unique season, we want to better know the Chapel family in order to better serve the Chapel family. I hope you will keep reading to find out how you can help us accomplish this goal.

To say that the past year has been disruptive would be a significant understatement. At the same time, to say that God has not been at work over the past year would be completely incorrect. At the Chapel, we have seen God’s kingdom work happen in so many exciting and unexpected ways. From our Sunday worship services – inside, outside (in both the extreme heat and bitter cold), and online, to our weekly Student Ministry Nights, to our ability to host several adult Bible studies throughout the week. Even though we have experienced many disruptions over the past year, God is still using us to meet people wherever they are, spiritually and physically, as we help them continue to connect with Christ and His community at our church.

We know that many of you are worshiping with us on Sundays and throughout the week (outside, inside, or online). While we are grateful for the opportunities we have to meet folks wherever they are, we have also experienced the practical challenge of knowing our entire Chapel family as well as we can. For this reason, I am inviting you to respond to our Chapel Family Questionnaire. On this webpage below, you will find a simple form that we would love for you to fill out by April 1, 2021. This form asks you for information about your household as well as how you would describe your relationship with the Chapel at this time.

Again, our desire is to better know our Chapel family so that we might better serve our Chapel family. If you have any specific needs or questions, please indicate those at the bottom of the Chapel Family Questionnaire. You can also pick up printed copies of this Questionnaire in our Welcome Center or at our reception area in the church offices anytime through the week.

As the world around us continues to change and as we continue to experience disruption due to our circumstances, I am comforted by the words of Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever. While our world is ever-changing, I praise God that He is unchanging.

If you have any questions about the Chapel Family Questionnaire, or if you have any other pastoral care needs, please contact me at or 941-1246.


Hunter Ruch
Associate Pastor

Click below to access the questionnaire form.
Chapel Family Questionnaire


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