Church Plant: Eastside Church

Church Plant Vision for the East Side of Williamsburg

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Eastside Church

Thousands of people on the east side of Williamsburg are dying of spiritual thirst. Tragically, these neighbors of ours, have not been given the opportunity to hear and understand the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus has always been focused on saving those who thirst. In the middle of the street, on a crowded day, Jesus stood and called out in a loud voice, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me, and I will give him drink.” None of us heard Jesus say this on that day. Rather, Jesus sent someone to us, who told us the good news. We believed and He quenched our thirst. Now he sends us, even as he goes with us, so that others might be given the opportunity to drink and never thirst again.

The task of telling thousands is too big for our current community. Therefore, we will prayerfully nurture, encourage, train and send out these new leaders to bring water to a dry land. Some of our friends and neighbors will hear and believe and become followers of Jesus. This is the next spiritual generation. Our trained leaders will increase the wave of Living Water by prayerfully nurturing, encouraging and training this next spiritual generation. Each spiritual generation will continue the cycle of prayerfully nurturing, encouraging and training new followers so that many spiritual generations will be sent out like a flood.

We understand that our opposition is great, but we are willing to die to our old selves and fears, in order to see others live. After all, this is Jesus’ mission, and He has overcome the world, even death. We do not need to be afraid. With Jesus leading us, over the next five years, through a great multiplication of spiritual generations, we will saturate the east side of Williamsburg with the gospel.

Church Plant Goals

Foreground Vision (3 Months)

- Weekly Prayer Meetings: Wisdom, Fruit, Forgiveness & Protection
- Begin a Bruton HS Small Group
- 25 Adults in Small Groups
- Celebrate first Worship Service together (baptism of at least one new believer)

Midground Vision (1 Year)

- Celebrate our first weekly Sunday AM Worship Service with 20 baptisms (five third-generation baptisms)

Background Vision (3 Years)

- 100 baptisms including 10 fourth generation
- At least one group in every identified location
- 25 Bruton HS baptisms

Beyond the Horizon Vision (5 Years)

- 200 Baptisms of new believers (including fifth generation believers and 50 Bruton HS baptisms) as the gospel is spread to every neighborhood/strategic location on the east side of Williamsburg
- Growth like this naturally leads to a church plant.