Student Ministry Sermons


Series: Torah Tour
September 22: Abraham: Seeds of a Solution- Luke Kincaid
September 15- Genesis: Creation & Rebellion- Luke Kincaid
September 8- The Bible: The Big Picture- Luke Kincaid

Series: Fall Restart
September 1- Live Q&A

Series: Prayer
August 11: David's Prayer- Cullen Haag
July 21: Daniel's Prayer- Cameron Ross
July 15: Habakkuk's Prayer- John Duncan
June 30: Samuel's Prayer- Madalyn Campbell
June 23: Hannah's Prayer- Brett Harlow
June 16: Prayer- Luke Kincaid

Series: Holy Spirit
June 2: Maturity- Luke Kincaid
May 26: Growing Fruit- Luke Kincaid
May 19: Discerning the Holy Spirit- Nick Mercer
May 5: Listening to the Holy Spirit- Luke Kincaid
April 21: No Student Ministry Sermon
April 14: No Student Ministry Sermon
April 7: No Student Ministry Sermon

Series: Table Manners

March 31: Table Manners: Humility- Isaac Goncalves
March 24: Table Manners: Creativity- Luke Kincaid
March 10: Table Manners: Perception- Luke Kincaid

Series: The Great Explorers
March 3: The Great Explorers: Paul- Luke Kincaid
February 3: The Great Explorers: Esther- Alexis Kincaid
January 20: The Great Explorers: Abraham- Luke Kincaid
January 6: Live Q&A- No recording


November 25: Thanks and Giving- Luke Kincaid

Series: Called to Explore
November 18: Called to Explore: Ends of the Earth- Luke Kincaid
November 11: Called to Explore: Judea and Samaria- Isaac Goncalves
November 4: Witnessing in Jerusalem- Luke Kincaid 

Series: Explore God
October 28: Can we know Jesus Personally?- Luke Kincaid
October 21: Is the Bible Reliable?- Isaac Goncalves
October 7: Is Christianity too Narrow?- Luke Kincaid
September 30: Pain and Suffering- Luke Kincaid
September 23: Is there a God?- Luke Kincaid
September 16: Does Life have Purpose?- Luke Kincaid

Series: Summer Bible Study: Psalms
August 12: Psalm 22- Hannah Dowdy
July 22: Psalm 97- Connor Grubbs
July 15: Psalm 1- Andrew "Andy" Henry
June 24: Psalm 89- Wade Fritzeen
June 17: Psalm 2- CJ Montero

Series: Kingdom Mission
June 10: Kingdom Mission: Partnership- Luke Kincaid
May 27: Kingdom Mission: Service- Isaac Goncalves
May 6: Family in Faith- Luke Kincaid
April 29: Can I get a Witness?- Nick Mercer
April 22: Work It!- Isaac Goncalves
April 15: Prayer Creates Connections- Luke Kincaid


Series: The Kingdom
November 5: Kingdom Peace- Luke Kincaid
October 29: Kingdom Communication- Luke Kincaid
October 22: Kingdom Success- Rich Sylvester
October 15: Laws of the Land: Enemies- Nick Mercer
October 8: Kingdom Integrity- Nick Mercer
October 1: Laws of the Land- Luke Kincaid
September 24: Kingdom Impact- Nick Mercer
September 17: Kingdom of God - Luke Kincaid
September 10: Growth in Groups - Luke Kincaid

Series: Summer Bible Study: Minor Prophets 
July 23: Minor Prophets: Reality Check - James Austin
July 16: Minor Prophets: Reality Check - Brady Wilhide
July 9: Minor Prophets: Reality Check - Ann Marie Baker
July 2: Minor Prophets: Reality Check - Bailey Doggett
June 25: Minor Prophets: Reality Check - Brody Scott
June 18: Minor Prophets: Reality Check - Lauren Clark
June 11: Minor Prophets: Reality Check - Luke Kincaid

Series: Serving a  Movement
June 4: Serving a Movement: Movement in Us - Luke Kincaid
May 28: Serving a Movement: Outreach (Part 2) - Nick Mercer
May 21: Serving a Movement: Outreach (Part 1) - Abbey Sams
May 7: Serving a Movement: Movement and Its Problems - Nick Mercer
April 30: Serving a Movement: Components of Movement - Luke Kincaid

April 23: Serving a Movement: Power for Movement - Luke Kincaid

Series: Catalyst to Movement
April 9: Catalyst for Movement: Praying When Stressed - Luke Kincaid
March 26: Catalyst for Movement: Praying for Unity - Abbey Sams

March 12: Catalyst for Movement: Praying when You are Afraid

Series: Obstacles to Movement
February 26: Culture - Abbey Sams


Series: God is on the Move
December 11: Incarnation in Mary's Story - Abbey Sams
December 4: Incarnation in Zechariah's Story - Nick Mercer
November 27: God Came to Earth - Luke Kincaid

Series: Movement
October 30: Movement Requires Your Participation - Nick Mercer
October 23: Movement Requires Repentance - Luke Kincaid
October 16: Movement Requires Rest - Abbey Sams
October 9: Movement Requires Taking Risks - Luke Kincaid
October 2: Movement Requires Follow Through - Luke Kincaid

September 25: Movement Requires Courage – Nick Mercer
September 18: God Wants Us to Move – Luke Kincaid
Series: Starting Point
September 11: Who Are You? – Luke Kincaid
September 4: Where Are You? – Luke Kincaid
Series: Letters from Paul
August 14: Setting the Foundation for a Relationship With Jesus – Ann Marie Insley
August 7: 1st Timothy – Isaiah Thomas
July 24: Model of Perseverance – Zakiya Massie

July 17: Embrace Your New Identity – Jordan Bunn
July 10: Humility Leads to Unity – Brody Scott
July 3: Armor of God – Colin Moog
June 26: Fruits of the Spirit – Izzy Laundrie

June 19: The Author – Nick Mercer
Series: What's Your Mood?
June 12: Boundaries in Our Relationships – Luke Kincaid
June 5: Fear – Nick Mercer
May 29: Anger – Luke Kincaid
May 22: Envy – Abbey Sams

May 15: Bitterness – Luke Kincaid
Series: Routine
May 1: Remembering – Luke Kincaid
April 24: Study – Nick Mercer
April 17: Giving – Luke Kincaid
April 10: Rest – Luke Kincaid
Series: Once Upon a Time
March 20: Righteousness – Luke Kincaid
March 13: Lost – Abbey Sams
March 6: Greed - Nick Mercer
February 28: The Friend - Luke Kincaid
February 21: The Neighbor - Luke Kincaid

Series: Forgiveness
January 17: Jonah and the Ninevites - Luke Kincaid
January 10: Philemon & Onesimus - Luke Kincaid
January 3: Q&A with Student Ministry - Student Ministry Staff


Series: Reactions to the NEWS
December 20: Magi's Reaction - Abbey Sams
December 13: Herod's Reaction - Luke Kincaid
December 6: Prophet's Reaction - Nick Mercer
November 29: Joseph's Reaction - Luke Kincaid

Series: The Gospel - What Makes the NEWS Good?
November 8: A New Perspective on the Law - Nick Mercer
November 1: Freedom from Sin - Abbey Sams
October 25: Purpose in Life - Luke Kincaid
October 18: Peace and Joy - Luke Kincaid
October 11: Grace - Luke Kincaid

Series: The Gospel - Why Is It NEWS?
October 4: What Does This NEWS Tell Us About the Old Testament? - Nick Mercer
September 27: What Does This NEWS Tell Us About Righteousness? - Abbey Sams
September 20: What Does This NEWS Tell Us About God? - Luke Kincaid
September 13: What Does This NEWS Tell Us About Sin? - Luke Kincaid
September 6: What Do We Mean by NEWS? - Luke Kincaid

Series: Paradox

August 9: Paradox: Life Through Death - Luke Kincaid
August 2: Seeing the Unseen - Nick Mercer
July 26: Strength Through Weakness - Gena Hernandez
July 19: Paradox: Lose Your Life To Gain It - Abbey Sams
July 12: Last Shall Be First - Philippe Warren
July 5: Wisdom Through Foolishness - Judge Hart
June 28: The Humble Will Be Exalted - Madison Bill
June 21: Introduction to Paradoxes - Luke Kincaid

Series: M.A.S.H - Life Is All About Relationships
June 14: Relationship with Parents - Luke Kincaid
June 7: Relationship with Possessions - Alexis Kincaid
May 31: Future - Nick Mercer
May 24: Friends - Alexis Kincaid
May 17: Boundaries - Luke Kincaid

Series: The Guest List
May 3: Party Favors - What Are You Bringing to God's Party? - Kyle Lung Resource: Invitation Card
April 26: What's Your RSVP? - Evan Muro Resource: Invitation Card
April 19: Who's on YOUR Guest List? - Luke Kincaid Resource: Invitation Card
April 12: Come as You Are - Alexis Kincaid Resource: Invitation Card

Series: Life
March 29: Abundant Life in Jesus Offers a New Perspective - Luke Kincaid Resource: Understanding Card
March 22: Abundant Life in Jesus Offers Resurrection - Evan Muro Resource: Resurrection Card
March 15: Abundant Life in Jesus Offers Provision for Our Needs - Kyle Lung Resource: Provision Card
March 8: Abundant Life in Jesus Brings Healing – Alexis Kincaid Resource: Healing Card
March 1: Life - Luke Kincaid Resource: Life Card

Series: The Christian Atheist (based on the book by Craig Groeschel)
Feb. 22: When You Believe in God, but Pursue Happiness at Any Cost - Alexis Kincaid
Feb. 8: When You Believe in God, but Still Worry All the Time - Kyle Lung
Feb. 1: When You Believe in God, but Are Ashamed of Your Past and Don't Think God Loves You - Luke Kincaid
Jan. 18: When You Believe in God, but Don't Think He's FAIR - Luke Kincaid
Jan. 11: When You Believe in God but Don't KNOW Him - Alexis Kincaid
Jan. 04: Q&A with Student Ministries - Student Ministries Staff


Series: Songs of Christmas
Dec. 21: Zechariah's Song — Evan Muro
Dec. 14: Mary's Song — Kyle Lung
Dec. 7: The Angel's Song — Alexis Kincaid
Nov. 30: Simeon's Song — Luke Kincaid
Series: Thanksgiving
Nov. 23: What Does Real Thanksgiving Look Like? — Alexis Kincaid
Series: Discipleship Diagnostics
Nov. 9: Serve — Alexis Kincaid Resource: Discipleship Diagnostic Tool: Serve Card
Nov. 2: Grow — Luke Kincaid Resource: Discipleship Diagnostic Tool: Grow Card
Oct. 26: Connect — Luke Kincaid Resource: Discipleship Diagnostic Tool: Connect Card
Series: Soul Training
Oct. 19: God Transforms  —  Alexis Kincaid
Oct. 12: God is Self-Sacrificing — Luke Kincaid
Oct. 5: God Is Love - Alexis Kincaid
Sept. 28: God Is Generous and Loving — Luke Kincaid
Sept. 21: God Is Good and Trustworthy — Evan Muro
Sept. 14: Begin with the End in Mind — Hawley Smith
Sept. 7: What Are You Seeking? — Alexis Kincaid
May 18: Message — Nick Mercer
May 11: Message — Luke Kincaid
May 4: Message — Alexis Kincaid
April 13: Message — Luke Kincaid
April 6: Message — Alexis Kincaid
Mar. 30: Message — Hawley Smith
Mar. 23: Message — Evan Muro
Mar. 16: Message — Alexis Kincaid
Mar. 9: Message — Luke Kincaid
Mar. 2: Message — Hawley Smith
Feb. 23: Message — Alexis Kincaid
Feb. 9: Message — Hawley Smith
Feb. 2: Message — Evan Muro
Jan. 19: Message — Luke Kincaid

Jan. 12: Message — Alexis Kincaid
Jan. 5: Message — Alexis and Luke Kincaid