The Cutting Room Floor

Episode #7 TCRF: Kingdom Stories - The Treasure, Pearl, and Net

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Have you ever wanted more insight on Sunday morning? Our pastors learn something new in studying scripture that they cannot always include in their morning messages. They often add these insights to what they call "The Cutting Room Floor". We invite you to listen and join in the conversation as Rich talks to us about the day laborer's actions in the Parable of the Hidden Treasure (Matthew 13:44).

The Cutting Room Floor - Ep. 7

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Clarke Morledge March 9, 2018 7:07pm


You have highlighted the importance of considering the 1st century Palestinian context of the parable of the hidden treasure, with the respect to the morality of the day laborer leaving the treasure hidden, that he found in the field.

They did not have banks, or Bitcoin servers, in 1st century Israel. It was common for people to hide their life's savings in a strongbox in a field. But if the owner of the box died, before he was able to recover the treasure, it created a problem as to who it might belong to, after the man's death. If a person bought the field, without knowing that the treasure was hidden in that field, did that treasure properly belong to him?

Rabbinic law settled on the idea that the treasure would only legally belong to the land owner, if the treasure was discovered, and lifted out of its hiding place. So, by leaving the treasure hidden, the day laborer was well within his right to purchase the land, and later on, to pull the treasure out of its hiding place, and claim it for himself.

This only appears to be a moral issue, because we do not normally think within the context of 1st century Palestinian rabbinical law, of which Jesus and his hearers were well aware.

Thanks, Rich. Your application, that we are to whole heartedly treasure God's kingdom, is a great lesson.