The Cutting Room Floor

Episode #9 TCRF: Kingdom Mission - Serving

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Have you ever wanted more insight on Sunday morning? Travis learns something new in studying Scripture that he cannot always include in his morning messages. He often adds these insights to what he calls "The Cutting Room Floor". We invite you to listen and join in the conversation as Travis talks to us this week about serving our city.

The Cutting Room Floor - Ep. 9

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Clarke Morledge June 6, 2018 9:40pm


You might want to check out this short blog entry from Matthew Anderson, a blogger with the Mere Orthodoxy blog and Mere Fidelity podcast, as he interacts with James Davison Hunter's book, To Change the World . Essentially, there is a tendency for church leaders to make a splash with public posturing, when what is really needed is engagement with real human beings on the local level. In other words, some call for the Benedict Option, but Anderson calls for the Taylor Swift Option:

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Clarke Morledge