Annual Focus and Additional Resources

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Annual Focus: The Bible

Mini Bible College

Developed by the Chapel’s late Pastor Emeritus Dick Woodward, the Mini Bible College consists of more than 215 audio lessons, supported by printed booklets. Dick’s teachings emphasize both a devotional and practical application of God’s Word. The Mini Bible College has been translated into 31 languages and is currently being used around the world to broadcast God’s truth.

Mini Bible College lessons can be accessed by clicking the button below or by downloading the Mini Bible College app on your mobile device.

 Mini Bible College

Chapel’s Past Message Series

During this year’s Annual Focus, The Bible: God’s story of creation, redemption, and new creation with Jesus Christ at the center, we will cover a lot of content as we journey from Genesis through Revelation together. However, as we listen to, learn from, and live by God’s Word, the reality is that we simply can’t cover every chapter and verse on Sunday mornings alone (at least, not in just one year). Thankfully, over the past seven years, we’ve covered a lot of scriptural territory through our different Annual Focuses and Summer Bible Studies. If you’d like to go more in-depth on any of the specific genre’s within this year’s Annual Focus Framework, we’ve provided links to those sermon series below to help you on your quest to go deeper.


 5 – Books of the Law

Summer Bible Study: Genesis 1-11 (Genesis) – June/July/August 2015


12 – Books of History

Summer Bible Study: Judges (Book of Judges) – June/July/August 2014


5 – Books of Poetry and Wisdom

How do I Follow for the Long Haul? (Psalms) – April/May/June 2015

Kingdom Wisdom (Proverbs) – January/February 2018

Summer Bible Study: Psalms – June/July/August 2018


5 – Major Prophets

 Lamentations - September 2016

12 – Minor Prophets

Summer Bible Study: Minor Prophets – June/July/August 2017


4 – Gospels

Words Into Practice (Gospel of Matthew) – March/April 2014

Who am I Following? (Gospel of Mark) – September/October 2014

How do I Follow? (Gospel of John) – November 2014

Where will Following Lead? (Gospel of John) – February/March/April 2015

The Gospel in Song (Gospel of Luke) – December 2015

The Movement of God (Gospel of Luke) – December 2016

A Catalyst for Movement – March/April 2017

Kingdom Values (Gospel of Matthew) – September/October/November 2017

Kingdom Come (Gospel of Matthew) – December 2017

Kingdom Stories (Gospel of Matthew) – February/March 2018

Explore God (Gospel of John) – September/October 2018

Expedition Bethlehem (Gospel of Luke) – December 2018

Explore the Table (Gospel of Luke) – March/April 2019


1 – Book of History

Serving a Movement – April/May 2017

Called to Explore – November 2018


21 – Letters

My Church (1 & 2 Corinthians) – January/February 2014

Going to Galatia (Galatians) – May/June 2014

Why Follow? (Ephesians) – January/February 2015

The Gospel (Romans) – September/October/November 2015

The Gospel in Story (Gospel of Luke) – February/March 2016

The Gospel in Life (Romans) – April/May 2016

Summer Bible Study: Letters from Paul (several books) – June, July, August 2016

The Vehicle for God’s Movement – November 2016


1 – Book of Revelation