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Fix Our Eyes: Jesus and Everyday Life

Winter (7weeks): We will look at Jesus’ teaching on the practical matters of everyday life. What did Jesus say about money, poverty, marriage, parenting, and how to deal with broken relationships? We will be reminded that he taught “as one with authority” (Matthew 7:28-29). We will seek to surrender our own authority and autonomy to live under Jesus’ authority in communion with him, our spouses, children, and the church.

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Fix Our Eyes: Who Jesus Is

Advent (5 weeks):  During the season of Advent we will ask the great question that hangs over any honest look at Jesus: who then is this (Mark 4:41)? We will look at the beginning of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke to answer the question, and join with Jesus’ mother, Mary, by treasuring what we learn and pondering its mystery (Luke 2:19).

Fix Our Eyes: Jesus with People

Stage 1: Fall (9 weeks) – Jesus with people
After a two-week introduction to the annual focus theme, we will fix our eyes on Jesus with people. What did he say to them when they were afraid? How did he invite them into his mission? How did he respond to their limitations? We will be instructed by Jesus, the master teacher, and seek to apply everything we learn. In addition, we will examine what Jesus did when the crowds thinned, and he was alone with his Father.