annual focus booklet: Fix our Eyes

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Fix Our Eyes on Jesus with Our Doubt

Spring (2 weeks): We will fix our eyes on Jesus’ gentle care for those who are struggling to place their faith in Him. 

My Church

We often use the phrase “my church” to refer to the community of faith that we call home. It’s common to discuss what I like about “my church,” what I don’t like about “my church,” how my “my church” is changing, and what “my church” is doing about the future. It’s common enough that we usually don’t think twice about it. But it’s worth a second look.

Following a major “a ha” moment with His disciples about His identity as the savior of the world, Jesus said to Peter, “…you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18). There is a lot that can be mined from this scene with the disciples, and a key nugget is Jesus’ claim that the church is His, not mine. The church exists to serve Jesus’ purposes, not our preferences. We are trustees, not owners. Do we see it this way? What are Jesus’ purposes for His church?

Jesus has made us stewards over His church—His primary vehicle for reaching and saving a lost world. In Matthew 16, Jesus concludes his declaration to Peter with, “…and the gates of Hell will not overcome it.” Nothing can stop God at work through “my church” when it is truly His church. As we study this theme in 2014, may we dig deep into what Jesus desires for My Church.